The Reitz Family Trust was formed in 2013 prior to Don Reitz’s passing. The trustees include his children, Brent and Donna Reitz.  The Trust holds legal ownership and control of all properties owned by the late artist.  The Trust’s mission is to foster, enhance, solidify, and protect the creative legacy of the lifework of Don Reitz. The Trust will launch and support programming that expands the analysis of Reitz’ rich artistic contributions to the 20th century and how those contributions are continuing into the 21st century.  Few artists of the twentieth century rival Reitz’ versatility and desire to experiment, as evidenced by his ability to create a broad spectrum of work utilizing different firing methods and scale. The Trust holds the copyright for all art created by Don Reitz. For more information contact Brent Reitz at [email protected]

Peter Held, retired ceramics curator at the Arizona State University Art Museum Ceramics Research Center, with over 40 years of experience as a ceramic artist, curator, and museum director, is the Trust’s curator. He is responsible for managing and promoting the Trust inventory of artworks, archives, handles rights & reproduction requests, and works closely with museums, galleries, and collectors for sales, loans, and exhibition planning.  He can be reached at [email protected] or (480) 242-5302.